YouTube's Social Effects

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YouTube's Social Effects

YouTube has created a safe space where different ideas, outside of the mainstream media, can "push back against stereotypes on network television" (Washington Post) and other mediums. This has lead to more diverse thinking in our social culture and multiple changes to our society.

Granting easier access to education and other resources (Forbes)..Increasing awareness of social issues such as mental illness, bullying and more (CTV News). Broadened expression of political, sexual and minority standpoints (The Washington Post).

The Impact of YouTube

YouTubes Social Effects

YouTube Also Impacts Society by:

Ted Talk:How Web Video Drives Global Innovation

YouTube Allows People Too:Add their own contributions to everyday news and other topics (Pew Research Center).Have greater engagement with their Governnment (The New York Times).Express themselves more openly and to a wider audience than ever before.

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