Youth Unemployment G

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Youth Unemployment G


In Germany, teenagers don´t have as many problems to find work as teenagers from other European countries

German youth unemployment isn´t that bad. Actually, the youth unemployment rate is 7.6 %.

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In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the two most southern provinces in Germany, are the fewest unemployed persons, and in Berlin are the most.

The vocational education made in Germany helps the teens to enter in the working life. In other countries they have the minimum wage for trainees, but not in Germany. This can be a reason why many teenagers don´t find work, because they have no experience and no knowledge about the job, but must be paid. Older persons may have this experience. Also the birth rate is low, so in Germany aren´t as many teens as in other countries. We have many training positions but not that many trainees.

Not as many teenagers as before are looking for a job.

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