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Avril Lavigne


What The Hell- by Avril LavigneThe song has a steady and consistent tempo throughout the entirety of the song. Its dynamics, however, tend to change. The verses are mezzo forte while the chorus is forte all the way. the voice and instrumental blend is fantastic due to the change in dynamics being equal. the instruments dont overlap her voice and her voice isnt too powerful over the music.

The song structure was quite the norm as it followed the most common Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus format. The only difference was that the bridge was the same as the chorus except it was piano instead of forte

The story could go two ways. either Avril has been a good girl her whole life and now she is breaking free into her own personality, Or maybe avril is sick of relationships and only wants to have fun in bed.

Overall, my initially reaction to the song was that i lived it. it made me want to dance and sing along. The song was also easy to follow and i enjoyed it to the fullest.

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Avril Lavigne, a self-taught Pianist, drummer, and guitarist, stated her career at the age of 17. Her most popular songs are 'Girlfriend', 'Here's to never growing up', and 'Complicated'. The artist, being an excellent songwriter, has written songs for other famous artists such as Kelly Clarkeson. Avril has also performed a song with, her now ex-husband, Chad Kroeger called 'Let Me Go'.



Avril lavigne was born in September 27th, 1984 (she is now age 30) as a canadian under the name of Avril Ramona Lavigne. She was born in belleville, Ontario, and lived in Greater Napanee, Ontario, as it is her home town

Avril Lavigne is mostly known for the pop-punk, and teenager vibe in her music. The artist tends to write about relationships a lot, whether it be a break up or just meeting the guy, iuts always very intreasted to hear what she has to say through her lyrics. In an interview with comopolitan she said that her song are about " what [she] is experiencing with the whole dating thing." She finds that " It's easiest to write songs when im either relly in love or really mad at a guy." Avril lavigne's music proceeds to stick to the pop-punk/Alternative genre and is a lot more relatable to teenagers than any other age group.


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