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Number Operations

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Your Math Journey

Mathematics is a wonderful subject. Journey with us in learning MATHS!

Your Math JourneySTARTS HERE!


Multiplication is basically adding a number together as many times as the number is multipled by.

Common Core Standards!

Multiplication Table

Advantages of Visual Multiplication Table

Magic 9

- A mathematics video that will help students to remember the "9" timetable more effective through visual and auditory cues.

Check Point #1

Log on to Students will go through the activity starting from "1" timetable all the way to "10" timetable.- This activity aims to help students remember and learn their multiplication skill.

Self-Evaluation forCheck Point #1

- Upon completion of each level "1-10" timetable respectively, students will put a check mark in the respective boxes.

Check Point #2

Log on to Students will first have to put a check against the multiplication box.- Afterwhich, students will go through the activity. Each practice has 10 questions. - Students will have to print screen or print out a copy of their results- Satisfactory learning will occur when students get 8 or more questions correct. Unsatisfactory learning will occur when students get 3 or more questions wrong.

Additional Resources for Learning & Practicing

Resource 1

Practice 1

Practice 2


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