Your End of the Semester Project

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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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Your End of the Semester Project


Creat A Glog: "All About You!"

Step Instructions:

1) Write your name (first and last) interview family members to find out why you were given you name and give your opinion about your name. Use pictures to represent you and your personality2)Research the history of your name. Why were you named? Where were you born? How much did you weigh? How long were you? Do you have a birth announcement3) Research a famous person who has either your first or last name. Give me five facts about this famous person4)Write an acrostic poem using your name and describing yourself. The letters of your name are written vertically to form the word of choice. Next to each letter the poetic statement is written horizontally to express an idea about you.5) Write an "Iam poem" about yourself.6) Write a funny memory about yourself.7) Write advice to a future sixth grader that will be entering our school next year.8) Research and write about your dream college and dream job.9) Write a bibliography of all the websites that you used.

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What's in a Name?That which we call a rose by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet.William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet-Act II, Scene II,47-48)



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