Your Court Case

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Your Court Case

What to expect from your case:1. Hire a lawyer to file a complaint - a legal document that lays out the facts and reasons for the lawsuit being filed - for you.2. The court will then send a summons - a legal document that notifies the defendant of the lawsuit - to the person you are accusing of a crime.3. Pleadings - written statements - are filed in the court by both parties (the plaintiff - you, the initiator - and the defendant - the accused).4. A pretrial conference - a meeting held before the trial to bring the two parties together to define the issues at hand - will then be held. A settlement will be offered with mediation - an idependent person will try to settle the dispute between the two parties.. If it is not taken, the case will proceed.5. Arbitration can be chosen instead of a trial. An impartial third party will look at both parties' statements and come to a conclusion.6. The trial now begins! First, you, the plaintiff, will present your side to the court first, followed by the presentation of the defendant's side. 7. Now, either the judge or the jury will will decide the fate of your case. By looking at preponderance of evidence the judge/jury will reach a conclusion of which side has the stronger evidence. A verdict will be given stating either guilt or innocence. 8. The defendant can try to appeal the decision.

The civil law system gives you the ability to sue another individual or company. It is thanks to this system that justice will be served for you!

Your Court Case



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