Your Body On Caffeine

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Your Body On Caffeine

Caffeine Can be found in--Tea-Coffee-Chocolate -Soft Drinks-Pain Relievers -Over the Counter Medications

Your Body on CaffeineBy Caroline and Lizzy

What is Caffeine?-Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants.

Caffeine can effect all parts of the body. It increases mental alertness and can cause anxiety, dizzinness, headaces and jitters.

Caffeine can cause the body to lose calcium and can cause bone loss overtime. It can aggrivate heart problems.

Brewed Coffee-115mg in 5 ouncesMonster Energy Drink-160mg in 16 ounces Rockstar Energy Drink-80mg in 8 ounces

You can feel caffeines affects for up to 6 hours. It gives a temporary energy boast and elevates mood. It is deffined as a drug and because it stimulates your nervous system.

Teens usually get most of their caffeine off of soft drinks and energy drinks.

If you drink caffeine a lot, overtime you develope less sensitivity to it, so you must drink more to get the same affects.

The smaller the person you are, the less caffeine you need.

Caffeine is a diaretic. A diaretic is used to excerete excess fluid from the body.

Caffeine is safe in small amounts. Try cutting back on caffeine by replacing one caffenated drink with one non-caffeniated drink.


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