Young Adult Literature

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Young Adult Literature

Jena Nunnari

Young Adult Literature

Cons:Teachers don't know it as well as a classicTouchy subjects for some students

Pros:Engaged StudentsTeaching a love for booksNew MaterialNot Overused Classics

Why teach YAL?

Why Not?

My Thoughts

Many English teachers believe that YAL offers a different kind of reading option for addressing standards, understanding relevant curricula, and engaging twenty-firstcentury young adults in rich discussions of literature and life.

Many teachers are simply uncomfortable teaching YAL. It is almost foreign to them, as it is not the classics, and must be taught in a different way. Students most likely relate more personally to a YAL, and some teahcers are unsure of how to handle that level of personal understanding amongst thir students.

Young Adult Literature is a genre of books that I believe could be detrimental to whether or not a child engages themselves in reading. Especially at a young age, in middle school, children want to see themselves in books. They are more apt, I believe to see themselves in a book like "Looking For Alaska," than they are to see themselves in "A Tale Of Two Cities."More can be read about YAL and ways to teach it here:

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