You've Got Mail

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You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail

The Story about ...Joe and Kathleen

When Fox Books came to New York, it put all the independent book stores out of business. This didn't bother Joe because those people were insignificant to him. Then, he discovered that the woman he had been conversing with online was actually Kathleen Kelly, the owner of the Shop Around the Corner, the store he just put our of business. She hated him, so he needed a plan to win her back.

Joe and Kathleen each fell in love in an online relationship when they each went into an over 30's chatroom. Joe is part owner of a chain of discount book stores called "Fox Books"Kathleen is the owner of a quaint little bookstore located in th artisan district of New York. She inherited the charming litt;le book store from her mother who passed away too young.


The Problem

Shopgirl loves NY152

The Plan...Joe went to Kathleen's house and apologized.After that, he began following Kathleen around and accidentally bumping into her. The more they bumped into each other, the closer they came.

While Kathleen was meeting with Joe, she was still in love with NY152, her online soul mate. Complications occured when she began having feelings for Joe as well as NY152. . NY152 (Joe) asked to meet Kathleen in person in Central Park. She still did not know that Joe was NY 152. So when she was greeted by Barkley, Joe's Golden Retriever that he spoke about avidly online, and she saw Joe., her soul mate. She was unbelievably happy. So happy she began to cry. She finally got to be with the man she was madly in love with.... Joe Fox aka NY152




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