You Snap It, Outdoors! (Assignment), Animals

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You Snap It, Outdoors! (Assignment), Animals

Reminder: Be safe and respectful to all of the creatures. Do NOT pick up any creature. Only take their picture.Each student will be expected to take a picture of at least 3 creatures found outdoors. Then, post them to our class website with your name and date at the top. Write a journal entry on what you found interesting with this assignment.

You Snap It, Outdoors!

Outdoor Creatures: "Prepare to be found!"

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Read these Instructions:


1) Ask a parent/guardian to help assist you with this project2) Use a digital camera of any sort (Ask permission if you don't have one)3) Take a picture of at least 3 different creatures that are found outdoors!4) Post your picture on our class website (Include the name of the creature as well as your name).

Sample Video of Tree Frogs!

American Toad





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