You Quit, You Win

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You Quit, You Win

What smoking does to you...

You Quit, You Win!

Quit NOW and it will be the best thing you ever did!!

When you smoke, it can affect your family. They might not come to close because they don't like the smell of you. Also when you have family dinners, you'll probably be outside having a smoke and that can make it hard because you won't be there, and family is way more important than a small round paper stick that you put to your mouth and have smoke come out of your nose and mouth. If you want to quit, keep reading.

* Smoking can cause serious cancer!* You can also get lung problem that may cause asthma. * Smoking can have you lose alot of very muchly needed money.*If you smoke, it may lead to coughing up blood.*You could quite possibly start to smell and have horrible teeth and breath.

Quitiing is easy, just find a quiters website, contact them and they will help. You'll get your life back. Even get one of those non- smoking mouth sprays that help stop the feeling to need to smoke. You'll have family dinners that are actually family dinners. You'll reduce the risk of cancer and dying early. Only you can stop yourself from smoking and quit for good. It will be the best thing you've done!

Affects your Family-



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