You Cannot Destroy Me: Cyberbullying

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You Cannot Destroy Me: Cyberbullying

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WHY do people cyberbully?


Researches found out that there are multiple reasons that causes someone to be a bullier which are: -Seeing it in a way to stay popular or to make themselves feel powerful.-Having low self-esteem, bad memories or to simply vent their anger. As such, we can conclude that bullies' behavior usually stems from their own problems.


"Cyber Bullying"

is defined as a person tormenting, threatening, harassing or embarassing another people using resources like Internet or any other kind of technologies. Connecting teens in a way they can't escape.


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- Get involved by disciplining the student for cyberbullying actions that took place off-campus and outside of school hour.- Have ZERO TOLERANCE towards builying cases and disciplinary actions to be carried out immediately.


- Monitor your child's technology use by having access to your devices.- Be alert to your child's behaviour and spot the warning signs of cyberbullying. - Allow your kids to have trust in you so that they have someone to share their feelings with.

-Students did not go to school because they felt unsafe.-Receive poor grades.-causes one to be in the state of anxiety and tension at all times.-Changes in sleep and eating patterns.-Use alcohol and drugs-To question about themselves thus, lower self-esteem.-Use alcohol and drugs.- As as well being more prone to have suicidal thoughts or inclinations.

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