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Yosuke Yamahata

Yosuke Yamahate, Military Photographer1917-1966http://www.americansuburbx.com/2009/11/theory-nagasaki-journey-photographs-of.html

Nagasaki was bombed during World War II, causing the immediate deaths of thousands of people and the deaths of people who died from the radiation.

The Nagasaki Arch

These photographs are famous because of how quickly and accurately they depicted the detruction of the atomic bombs

I find it amazing how, after all of this, we are still allies to this day. It doesn't show just the dark side of humanity, but the good side as well, since we have been able to move on from this tragedy. It is an example of the strength of the Japanese people.

This photo changed my life because it shows the real destruction caused by my own country. It is an example of the extremes humans will use in war.

"Human memory has a tendency to slip, and critical judgment to fade with the years and with changes in life-style and circumstance. But the camera, just as it seized the grim realities of August 1945, brings the stark facts before our eyes without the need for the least embellishment."

I was born August 6, 1917, in Singapore. I wokred at G.T. Sun in 1936 after I dropped out of college. I later became the president of the company. On the day of the Nagasaki bombing, I took several pictures that showcased the after effects of the bomb. I died from a cancer caused by radiotion in 1966.


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