Yoruba Culture in America

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Yoruba Culture in America

Yoruba CultureDoctrines:1. Yoruba believes in supreme beings2.God is known as Olodumare (the one who has the fullness of everything)3. God can be also known as Olorun (the owner of heaven, the Lord whose abode is in the heaven above)History:1. constituted by semi-independent states governed by kings2. principle source of ethic identity was language(distinguished Yoruba people from Huasa people)3. Yoruba kingdoms claim common origin from Ile Ife4. main occupation: farmingSymbols:1. Yams?

The religious tradition spread down the East Coast and westcoast, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles and the Seattle area- New York City (1950s) - African-American Yoruba communities began to grow alongside surging black nationalist movements- It is said that most blacks in America have been drawn to Yoruba music for more than half a century (helps them spiritually)

Yoruba Culture in America

How does it pertain to "A Raisin in the Sun"?ALAIYO!!


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