Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier

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ProsThey bred to be companions.They are clever, brave, determined,feisty, energetic,and have little tolerance for other animals.

Reasons They are affectionate, intellagent ,and a loyal companian.Currently the second most popular dog breed in the world.Only a few can resist thier cuteness that seems to radiate off these beautiful little dogs .bright and quick learners.they are very energenic.

Cons Yorkies tend to get feisty with small children.You have to be calm around them because they will get rough, but they are very good pets to have.

Backround Yorkies can weigh 4 to 7 pounds.They were developed in the 1850s. They can easily can be carried in a pocket. They have long silky,beutiful,long silkey hair.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorshire Terrier's are great pets to have!

8 weeks old!



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