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Yi So-yeon

Yi So-yeon



Life Obstacle

Yi So-yeon was the first Korean in space, so the pressure may have been overwhelming for her at times. There would be doubts that she couldn't accomplish her goals because no Korean had before her. Yi had proved her strength and intellegence to the world. On one of her missions back from space, Yi So-yeon and her fellow crew landed over 260 miles away from where it was planned to land, they were found and they lived through the experience.

Scientific Contribution


Yi So-yeon was actually the first Korean to fly in space. During her time in space, she conducted many experiments(18) that focused on many aspects, such as the effect that no gravity has on fruit flies, the pressure on her face and eyes in space, and the behavior of her heart in space. Yi was selected for the 2006 South Korean Space Program and was on missions such as Soyuz TMA-12 and Soyuz TMA-11.

Yi So-yeon is an Astronaut and Biotechnologist born June 2nd, 1978 in South Korea. She was raised in Gwangju, South Korea. Yi So-yeon is currently alive but is no longer active. Yi earned her bachelor and master's degree in mechanics. She also earned a Doctorate in Biotech systems. She had resigned from her job as a reserarcher in 2014 because of personal reasons.


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Yi So-yeon is a former accomplished Atronaut, Biotechnologist and researcher. She was the first Korean to fly in space and has overcome many difficult moments in her career.The global effect that Yi So-yeon had on the world was that she conducted many experiments to see the effects of space on the human body and fruit flies. She examined how low gravity effected the genome of fruit flies and the features of humans.

by Jack Buckley


Yi is involved in many valuble experiments conducted in space in the 21st century. Yi was very vital to finding the effects and swelling of her face in space. She also is vital to finding out the effects to the genome of fruit flies in space. For this reason, this is what I feel makes her vital to the 21st century.


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