Yettie Mendels

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Yettie Mendels

Yettie Mendels is a dutch jew who came from a very large family. She got married in 1942 and the next year she became pregnant. When her baby was born her husband, parents, and several other family members were already sent to concentration camps. Yettie escaped the Germans many times but when Yettie's baby was only a couple of months old she was seperated from her baby. After the war in 1745 Yettie Mendels was reunited with her son. That was the only person she had. Everyone she knew was killed. She did not find out all at once, but over time she heard news that she had lost everyone.

Yettie Mendels

Yettie Mendels

Yettie Mendels Baby

Yettie Mendels at an older age

Yettie and her family

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Yettie Mendels was courageous because she stood up for her family and stayed with them even when she had no husband to help. Another reason was because she found ways to keep her and her children safe. The last way is because she put others before herself, no matter the consequence.

Faith Connection: Just like Yettie Mendels was courageous and never gave up on her children, God never gives up on anyone and eventually will find them and they will be reunited.

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