Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park

Facts *World's first National Park*A designated World Heritage Site and designated Biosphere Reserve.*3,472 square miles or 8,987 square km*2,221,766 acres or 898,317 hectares*63 air miles north to south (l02 km)*54 air miles east to west (87 km)*96% in Wyoming*3% in Montana*1% in Idaho*highest point: 11,358 ft/3,462 m(Eagle Peak)*lowest point: 5,282 ft/1,610 m(Reese Creek)*larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined*Approximately 5% of the park is covered in water; 15% is grassland; and 80% is forest*Precipitation ranges from 10 inches(26 cm) at the north boundary to 80 inches(205 cm) in the southeast corner*Temperature(average) at Mammoth: January: 9 degrees F/-13 degrees C in July: 80 degrees F/27 degrees CWildlife67 species of mammals, including*7 species of native ungulates*2 species of bears*322 recorded species of birds(148 nesting species)*16 species of fish(5 non-relative)*6 species of reptiles *4 species of amphibians*2 threatened species: Canada lynx, grizzly bear*1 endangered species: gray wolf

*The 1988 fires affected 793,880 acres or 36% of the park*Five fires burned into the park that year from adjacent public lands.*The largest, the largest, the North Fork Fire, started from a discarded cigarette. *It burned more than 410,000 acres

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