Yellowstone National Park

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Environmental Studies

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Yellowstone National Park

EnvironmentLocated at 44° N, 110.5° WHighest Point- 11,358 feet above sea levelLowest point- 5,282 feet above sea levelRecord high temperature- 99°FRecord low temperature- -66° FPrecipitation varies from 15 inches to 80 inchesCreated by volcanic eruptions 6,000,000 years ago

Abiotic Factors-Rocks-Water-Weather-Sunlight-Dirt-Climate-Elevation

Yellowstone National Park

Limiting Factors-Forest Fires-1,000's of miniature earthquakes, usually undetectable by humans, but some are larger-Space-Altitude

Human Impact-The cutthroat trout has sufferd since European settlement, but has recently begun to flourish in some areas.-Yellowstone is a national park, so cars can create lots of pollution.-Also, because it is a national park, it suffers from the tourists who leave garbage behind.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone NationalPark Website

Symbiotic RelationshipsParasitism- Bison and TickMutualism- Bird and BisonCommensalism- Raven and Lodgepole Pine

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