Yellowstone Hotspot

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Yellowstone Hotspot

YellowstoneHotspotBy: Macy Bright

GeologyThe places that are known as hotsptots,are volcanic regions that are thought to be fed by underlying mantlethat is anomalously hot compared to the surrounding mantle. Currently, there are 2 hypotheses that attemptto explain how they formed.

The origin of the concept of hotspots comes from the work of J. Tuzo Wilson. He figured out that the Hawaiian Islands result from the slow movement of a tectonic plate across a hot region beneath the surface. He later figured out that hotspots are fed by narrow streams of hot mantle rising from the Earth's core.

One hypothesis about how the hotspot formed is that they are due to hot mantle plumes that rise as thermal diapirs from the core. Anotherhypothesis states that its not high temperature that causes it, but lithospheric extension that permits the passive rising of melt from shallow depths.

How the Hotspot Was Formed


The Yellowstone Hotspot is home to the Yellowstone Super Volcano..The Volcano has erupted 3 times. Underneath Yellowstone's famous hot springs lies a large pool of partially molten magma that is part of a sleeping underground supervolcano.


What earth processes formed your geoscenario?


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