Yellowstone and Great Falls

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by SamCalderwood
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Social Studies

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Yellowstone and Great Falls

At Yellowstone: we wenton a walk to stretch ourlegs and then we passedby a motorbiking showwith three bikers. Wedecided to watch. Wegot to watch them dotricks like wheelieson front and back.That was awesome!

It was awesome!

Yellowstone and Great Falls

We had a lot of fun there! We saw amotorcycling show, had breakfast in the hotel,and swam in the hotel pool.Come and see our next one called"Salt Lake and the Temple"The End!

On March 14th, we went to the USA fora three-week road trip. First we went to aa city called: "Great Falls". It was awesomethere. Then we went to a park called Yellowstone. That's what this glog is allabout.

Cool fact: Native Americans had livedin the Yellowstone region for at least11,000 years.

We went to a restaurantcalled "Three Bears"for dinner. I had theAngus burger and ittasted great.


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