yellow floating hearth

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yellow floating hearth

Yellow Floating Heart

What effect does this species have on the Enviorment and Native species?~ Makes it difficult for Boating~Affect water quality by decreasing the level of oxygen, creating stagnant waters, ideal for mosquitoes to breed.

Where did it origanate? How did it get to Canada

Can this species be eraicated?

Where in Canada has the species been found? What area? What Ecosystem?

Yellow floating heart is an aquatic plant native to Asia and Europe. Introduced to Canada in the late 19th century, it has been used as an ornamental plant in outdoor gardens.People put these plants in rivers not knowing of their fast spreding capabilities.

With furture technology maybe, but right now no because this invasive species is like lily pads re-occuring but every year there is more

Yellow floating heart ranges from the U.S.A to provinces in Canada. It has mostly been reported in provinces including, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. In Ontario it was found in a pond that is connected to the Rideau River, in the Royal Botanical Gardens and near Burlington and areas near Georgetown and Erin.


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