Yellow Fever

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Yellow Fever

There is no specific treatment. People can be rendered immune to the virus through vaccination, and outbreaks can be contained by eliminating or controlling mosquito populations. Thanks to such measures yellow fever is no more. Nevertheless, the disease is still present in Africa and South America where access to vaccines are sometimes lacking.

Carroll put his own life on the line when he let an infected mosquitoe bite him. He got a severe case of yellow fever, but when he got over it he tried to help the people who caught yellow fever to get well. This is how yellow fever was found for the first time.

John Carroll

Yellow Fever


Stage 1 in symptoms lasts for three to four days. In addition to the headaches and fever, victims may experience flushing, loss of appetite, shivers, and backache.Stage 2 the symptoms go away. The person slowly gets to feeling better. Stage 3 is the most serious of all 3 stages. Symptoms return with new symptoms including decreased urination, abdominal pain, and vomiting. (sometimes with blood)


Yellow Fever was first found in 1833. The last time it has been found was in 1970. In 2010 the vaccine for yellow fever was still in effort, but they haven't gave up they are still trying to work on the vaccine.,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNGDWwh-d95EslQzCCZk-18vFu0EdA&ust=1431616870267381

Yellow Fever Video


It only comes from one specific female mosquitoe its called Aedes aegypti mosquitoe, but most people just call it the yellow fever mosquitoe. They have seen this mosuitoe only once in the U.S. that was in colinial times ever since then they have had a vaccine for yellow fever.

They say that if you open your kitchen cabinet and a lot of mosquitoes fly out then more than likely one is carrying yellow fever.They also say that yellow fever came to the U.S. in colonial times when the mosquito larvae was found in barrells that were shiped over seas.

When the Aedes aegypti mosquitoe bites you it like to bite humans on the ankle. The mosquito is mainly an early morning or late afternoon biter.

Yellow fever is by a safe preventable vaccine. Reactions to the vaccine are very mild. The vaccine must be approved by the World Health Organization and administrated by an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Center.


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