Yellow Fever

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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitos. This viral disease can be found in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and South America. 90% of cases occur in Africa, with 50% death rate in persons without treatment.

Virus incubates in body for 3-6 days which then follows one of two phases. The first phase usually lasts about 3 to 4 days, which mild symptoms can occur such as; fever, headache, muscle pains, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Yet, 15% of patients enter a toxic second phase, which can be fatal. The infected person develops jaundice rapidly, high fevers return, sever vomiting of blood occurs accompanying nosebleeds and the kidneys begin to fail.

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What is it?

Infected mosquitos are the primary vectors of transmission. An infected primate can also be contagious and affect humans.


Yellow Fever





There is no specific treatment for yellow fever but, supportive care can help a victim to this virus combat the disease and improve the immune system.

In 1936, Max Theiler develops first yellow fever vaccine. To avoid contracting yellow fever, it is best to repel mosquito bites and to vaccinate with the yellow fever vaccine, which allows for 99% immunity against the viral infection.

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