Yellow Fever of 1793

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Yellow Fever of 1793

Dr. Rush was one of the most well known doctors of his time, especially during the Yellow Fever. He used the treatment of bloodletting and claimed it cured 99 out of 100 patients that came to him. Most doctors took the fact of how well known he was, and thought that any thing he diagnosed an illness to be was true. But some people opposed Dr. Rush's cure and claimed that the "French cure" worked, the cure used by the french doctors of Bush Hill.


In Early stages- chills, headache, painful aching in body parts, and constipation - developed high fever - after some time, they seemed to recover.Later - skin/eyes turn yellow, bile pigment accumulates in body, nose and gums, pulse weakened, victim became delirious and had tiny red eruptions on the skin.

Nobody want to catch the Yellow Fever, so they invented odd ways of protecting themselves while in Philadelphia. When people had to go in to someplace elsewhere in the city, they drowned their clothes in vinegar and clucthed bags of camphor - a substance used in insect repellent. While at home, people wrapped themselves in blankets dipped in vinegar when sleeping.

Knowledge of Yellow fever

Doctors didn’t know the cause of the fever, whick was “a viral infection spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.” Some thought the fever was caused by the refugees from other countries. Some thought the fever was caused by the rats, thriving in the midst of death. But one thing they did know, was that the fever was spreading quickly and quietly throughout the city and killing everything in its path.

Yellow Fever 1793

Dr. Rush


Care and welfare for the poor/sick/orphaned vs. the wealthy

"The black army of death was sent throughout the streets of Pihiladelphia."

In the beginning, people who were rich were treated in hospitals, and the poor were either brought to Rickett’s Circus, where they lay on the ground with no food and barely any water or were forsaken at there home with no one willing to take care of them. Orphans were sent to the orphan house, were volunteers fed and sheltered the children until the fever passed. Bush Hill hospital took people in, poor or wealthy, were people were introduced to the “French cure." Free African society helped many people, rich or poor, requiring no fee from their patientsPeople who were wealthy and had family to go to, fled to the country, while poor people had to stay in the city because they could not afford traveling to the country and/or they did not have any family to go to.

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