Yellow death fever

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Yellow death fever

Organization PatternThe organization pattern that are uesd in ch.10 of T.S.O.Y.D are sequence and problem and solution. primary sequence is being used as the author explains how hard lazear is working on his experiments how he becomes infected and unfortunately his death to in infection. The infection being a problem solution is how the author used problem and soultion with the text. Tthe theme of sacifice emerges as the author takes us seqentelly on the jounrney lazear is taking.

The Secret Of The Yellow Death

Words And PhrasesThe author word choice impact the tone because it use words to bring more imagey for example:*flushed: the doctor's face looked "flushed,"and his eyes were red*nervous: to kissinger, dr.lezear seemed "nervous".

Theme/central ideaThe theme and central idea of the text is about how a mosquitoe was carrying a disease and bit someone giving them the yellow fever. During the text Dr.lezear is trying to find a cure and do different experiments but he had to also find out question on how they got infected and how was it differnet between the two mans and what they felt so he let a mosquitoe bit him to find the results he was looking for.

Textual Evidenceon some details that dr.lazear allowed the mosquito?

From the text Dr.Lazear allowed the mosquito to bite him because (1)he was working so hard and questions needed to be answered (2) there were lots of experiments he had to do.Ttherefore lezear let the mosquitoe bite him then start doing the experments on Sep.13th to get his answers.


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