Yee peng Festival

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Yee peng Festival

Each year thousands of people celebrate this holiday

in this celebration is tipical to dress up with a orange dress


in this picture you can see how children begin to prepare the festival of the lunar year

WHEN?It´s carried out in the night of full moon of the lunar month on 25th October

WHAT?The main idea of this custom is to say a prayer, make a wish and see how your "krathong" or "khome" drifts away

HOW?It consists of making a circle with your friends and light the flame of the torch, so that it fills the "kohme". After that they make a wish and then throw the flashlight to see how it starts to float in the sky

WHY?Many people think that with the idea of the flashlight, their problems will disappear and it attracts good luck and prosperity

WHO?WHERE?This tradition is typical in Thailand and it is celebrated by Thai peopleThai people celebrate the beginning of a new stage , leaving everything negative to start with the new challenges of the year.


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