Yeast: What is it?

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Yeast: What is it?

Yeast: What is it?

What Are It's Uses?Making Leavened:- Bread- Beer- Cheese- Whiskey- Wine - Brewers yeast is used as a dietary supplement. - It is used in genetic engineering to produce a great amount of certain hormones and enzymes that are used for medical purposes. - It is used to heal wounds and to reduce inflammation.

Other Information- Not all yeast is safe; it can cause candidasis, a type of skin infeciton. - Enzymes that are inside the mitochondria in the yeast cells use oxygen (O2) to break up the food molecules that they have taken in into smaller molecules, and then they let out some energy to power that cell. This also makes some carbon dioxide molecules. These carbon dioxide molecules get put in vacuoles, and the yeast gets rid of that through their cell membrane.

Vocab Words:Eukaryotes: A single/muliti celled organisim. It's cells have a membrane-bound nucleus that is distinct.Mitochondria: Cells which were especially good at digesting food because they had evolved so they had two membranes. Some prokaryote cells had eaten these mitochondria, and the mitochondria survived. In turn, the mitochondria digested food for the prokaryote cells. This created the Eukaryotes cell.

What Is Yeast?- Single Celled Organsisim-Belongs to the group fungi- Usually 4 thousandths of a millimeter long, too small to see without the aid of a microscope.- They require sugars to live

Diagram of a yeast cell

Yeast Used In Cooking


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