Yeast temperature

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Yeast temperature

Reasearch: Yeast is an microorganism which has been used as fermentation for foods for a lot of years. Fruit, beer, wine, and bread are made using yeast in fermentation. Yeast is part of the fungus/fungi family. Yeast usually gets its food/energy by sucrose, also known as table suger. The yeast can go through something called anaerobic fermentation. For yeast to be in good shape should be in 115-120 F. If it is at 130 F yeast cells die, and at 40 F yeast is too cold. Yeast is a very useful living organism.

Does the temperature of yeast affect the amount of growth?

If I have yeast over temperature than regular, and below temperature; Than I think the one over temperature will give more Co2 because it does go over regular, but it still gives off a bit of Co2 rather than not giving anything, for the below temperature one.

3 flask 3 balloons3 thermometersYeast Water




Procedure Step One: Put Yeast into flaskStep three: Put 3 different temperatured waters, on different in each flask and an even amount. Have balloons on flask.Step four: Write down the temperature of the water, time put in, and take pictures if you would like.Step five: Wait 4-6 hours for your balloons to grow. And measure in cm.

AnalysisMany different things happen during my experiment. The cold flask was at 10 degrees celcius, and the regular was at 21 degrees celcius, and the the hot one was at 50 degrees celcius/ more. . The cold one ended up to have a circumfrence of 17.27 cm. The hot one had a circumfrence of 15.7 cm. I noticed that the hot one grew the fastest and the cold one grew the slowest, yet it still was bigger. This experiment took about 6 hours. The regular one had stayed at 15.072 cm, and the cold one stayed the same for a long time. The next day the 3 balloons did not have any Co2. In conclusion the cold yeast had the most Co2 given out.

In conclusion many different results happen for my experiment. In the end my hypothesis was wrong, yet all 3 flask ended up to have a balloon full with Co2. The cold yeast grew the biggest, and than the hot, and than the regular temperature. Temperature does effect the amount of yeast grown in a balloon.




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