Year Round Schooling

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Year Round Schooling

Students have a refreshing break and can use the extra breaks for sports and extra study or learning time if they are behind. Year round schooling can help lower socioeconomic students by having extra learning times in the break. A Wake County middle school teacher believes the breaks are perfect for the students and are right when they need them, so they come back refreshed. Teachers would be provided with breaks which would prevent less burnout and could substitute during the 15 day breaks to earn extra money. Kids have a break to look forward to every few weeks.

In 2007 there were more than 2 million students enrolled in year round schools. Schools should go by a year round calendar, because students wouldn’t have a long break to forget everything they learned the previous year. If schools use multi track schedules the buildings could hold more students, and kids could use the extra breaks for sports and extra study or learning time.

Year Round School

Kids don’t have all summer to forget everything they learned the previous year.A Duke University study showed that students in year round schooling have a slight advantage because there is no long break for them to forget everything they learned the previous year. Kids don’t suffer from the “summer slide”,when they lose information they learned over the. Kids learn more because they spend less time refreshing on information they lost during the summer. Although studies show students don’t academically improve the year round schedule does provide more time to learn new things instead of relearning everything.

Using multi track schedules provide more room for more students. Multi track year round schooling can reduce overcrowding because there are kids in the building at different times. Other countries have successfully used this system. It is more economical and efficient using multi track scheduling. If a school that could hold 750 students had 1,000 students enrolled, it could divide the students into tracks or groups of 250 students which would save room and would school more students than was possible with traditional schools.

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People against year round schooling might say it doesn’t make a difference whether we have year round school or not. Traditional schooling has been used because it’s the traditional way of schooling and it has always been like that since schooling began. Studies show there isn’t a difference academically with kids in year round schools compared with traditional schools , but students can retain information better. Sports and music classes can’t have normal practices because of the frequent breaks, but dedicated students would always go to practices over break or during school. Teachers share rooms in multi track schools and it can be difficult to move everything, however they can get wheels for everything and can use mobile carts for transportation. Summer jobs are difficult for students because they don’t have the summer, but students could work together if there are multi track schools in one area the students could split the work and could work on weekends. Patricia McCracken, who attended a year round school, found the 2 week breaks disruptive, for right when you would get used to things you stop, but that could create class bonding where more students talk to different people. Teachers could have a system where you do one unit and before the break you take the test and after the break you start a new unit.

Clark County School District changed to a year round schedule for the 2015-16 year.



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