Year of Imposiblie Goodbyes

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Year of Imposiblie Goodbyes

Sierra Finney

Year of Impossible Goodbyes

Author and Title

Sook Nyul Choi wrote Year of Impossible Goodbyes in 1991, which was her first picture book. The book title is based on how Sookan's family is always saying goodbye to a friend or to family members.

Sook Nyul Choi was born in Pyongyang, North Korea, and later went to college in the U.S. In college she got her B.A in 1962, Manhattenville college. Later she became a school teacher in NY. Then she moved to Cambridge, MA to become a full writer.

Discussion of Author


The setting of this story is in Korea where the Japanese military has taken over. Where Sookan and her family are planning to escape to the South where the Americans.


Sookan's MotherSookan's mother is sweet, nice, shy, always looks at the positive's, and she is a mom.

SookanSookan is a kid, and is ten years old. She is a big sister, and she meditates. Sookan was very brave for going on without her mother.

Comparisons They are both Korean, in the same family, live in the same house, help with their factory and obey.


The resolution of this book turned out to be ok that Sookan and her brother get to the border and they might meet her family there.


The climax was when Sookan and her brother crossed the border.

My favorite quote was when at the end of the book Sookan said, " We can stop now, we're safe, we're safe."

Favorite Quote


I would recommend this book to all my friends and family. Also it is very good for people who like adventure and history books. It's also about the hard times of war.

I think that this book is for 7th and 8th graders and for adults. Also these people would be interested because it has more complex words that younger kids could not understand.


In Korea the Japanese have taken over Korea. Sookan and her family run a sock factory for the Japanese soliders. Then one day Captin Narita comes with some of his soilders and they only come to crush their spirts.When one of the sock girls has a birthday and they took out their nice china and the girl got presents. Then Captin Narita comes and takes it all. He gets mad at Sookan's grandfather for giving the sock girl a scroll, because they are not allowed to learn. Then they chop down his pine tree that he used to sit under and meditate, and later he died. Then sookan and her brother have to go to Japanese school and it is tough. When the war was over everybody got out their colorful outfits ,and they planted flowers. Then a couple days later Russians take over and they seem to be nice but they would shoot anyone who would try to cross the border or didn't respect mother Russia. Sookan and her family decide to leave ,but only Soolan, her mother and her brother were going. When they go a guide helps them but they lose their mother along the way ,and they have to cross the border themselves. Then finally, after all those bruises and cuts, they make it across the border.

Brief Summary



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