Year 8 Fractured Fairy tales - Weeks 1 & 2

by NataliaSmith21
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Year 8 Fractured Fairy tales - Weeks 1 & 2

Fractured Fairy tales

Well Hello parents and students of Miss Smiths year 8 English. Here is your update for the first two weeks of content covered in our fractured fairy tale unit. If you missed out on some content or just want to re watch some fun videos,  here is a log of all the work covered thus far. Enjoy!

Little Red Riding Hood - Comparing Fractured Fairy Tales to the Original

We watched Shrek, in which students were introduced to the fractured fairy tale genre. Students had to identify characters within the film and make a fairy tale inventory of classic fairy tales, characters, settings and traits that they can later use in their creative writing.


Students were introduced to protagonists and antagonists, as well as revising story structure from last term. This was done through a various array of activities including wanted posters, cut and paste columns, creative writing and worksheets. All work available upon request.

Meme of the Week!

CONGRATS DAMON!This weeks Responsibility, Respect and Resilience raffle winner. He took home a large Cadbury choccie bar. Keep up the good work for a chance to win!

Don't like this meme? feel free to submit suggestions not only for our weekly update but for the classroom wall. Every submission earns a ticket in the raffle. Keep up the amazing work!

Students completed on average 12 pages of grammar work this fortnight. Keep up the great work!



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