Year 6 Camp

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Year 6 Camp

I was excited when I saw this huge green shed he said there was a bunch of activitys for us to do.We went in WOW! I was thinking can we do it. We were split into 2 groups my first activity was crate building .It was fun realy fun I won a bag of choclates. for our team.Then we had posking that was fun as well she told us what to do and then we done it i touched the top well that day was AWESOME!

We got up early to get on the bus to point perron we started our trip at 8.30am. We said our googbyes and then before we knew it we were there.We got our stuff and settleted in we had a talk for what we werent allowed to do and what we were allowed to do. We went back to our dorms and made our beds then we hadf team building to do.

our first night was realy good or not because heaps of boys were talking but ti was fun because we were talking about funny stuff.Then evetullay we went to sleep but people wre silently talking silently but when we woke people started talking agin and we had break fast.

Then after we had a fun time at the litricy centre we went to the movies and we watched inside out it was a realy good movie and the main features was realy good.Then we went to the maratime musem it was amazing there was so many to see then it was time to get a gift I got a teddy bear for my family for 24 dollars and that was the day.

The first thing I thought about the freo litracey centre that it was right next tot the prison so we had a look then we went inside and started talking about picture books we read some and then we got to create one I made my one a zombie at the door and the mother got eaten i was fun.

We got up and had our breakfast then we were already ready to go to parliment house meetng a preimer but first we had to get there first and put our stuff away we walked around seeing all the sights of the place then we got to go in the lower house and uppert house meetings it was very cool then we got to have a muffin and juice with a premer who came from bunbry then we went off.We had our lunch in kings park and had a play around there then we went to sctech to have a show how bizare doing heaps of cool science experoments then we got to make the star wars laser sound with a metal cluince and a plastic cup then we got free time for 1 hour that was fun there was so much stuff to explore then we left to have our frematle prison tour it was sort of fun when i saw it.But when ypu went in it was scarey but we all had a good time then we went to a pizza plase who had a famous basket baller he got 2 silver medals 4 gold 3 broonze and bye the way the pizza was deliouses then we went back to camp.

parlement house/sctech/ freo prison / dinner

year 6 camp

first night at point perron

our first activity at point perron

arriving at point perron

First to start off the day we had breke and then we had archery that was realy fun i got 2 bullzyes then we had rock climbing that was fun but te most exciting thing that we had for the day was bounce we had to get in then we had just a leason for how to be safe on the tramps then we had free time there was so much to do first I done a couple of dunks then i went ot everthing but every good day have to end.

fero litricy centre

movies/ maratime musem



for the last day was pretty boring we got up packed our things and were on our way to the reptile park that was realy intresting when we finised there we went to the macas and i got a tripple cheeseburger 10 mcnuggets 1 large frozen coke and a mcflury then we went to narrogion and then we arrived back home.



archery /rock climbing/bounce


reptile park / macas


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