Year 5's Galavanting Glog

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Year 5's Galavanting Glog

Year 5's Galavanting Glog


Let's Discuss!1. What is probability?2. What do the terms likely, unlikely, impossible, certain mean?Where have we heard them before?3. What sort of things could we use probability for?4. Can anyone think of a time they have seen probability used in real life?

There are 4 white pairs, 3 orange pairs, 9 brown pairs, 3 black pairs and 1 green pair. 1. How many times will Sam have to draw out of the hat?2. Which is he most likely to choose first? How come?3. How can Sam avoid choosing the same pair twice?4. What is the chance that Sam will choose atleast one of the different colours?

Cowboy Sam has 20 pairs of boots, and cannot decide which ones to wear. He decides to write down each pairs' descriptions and draw them out of his cowboy hat. He wants to pick enough for the whole week.

Wild Wild Weather!What are the chances of:*Storms today?*A volcano erupting next week?*Rain this month?*Snow this year?*Sunny days atleast 4 days this week?*A tornado this month?*Wind tomorrow?


Rollin'Grab some dice and join Cowgirl Kate at the ho down!Create a table and pop a tallymark down everytime a number comes up until you reach a total of fifty! Just like this!

Ball Machine Game

Probability Fair



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