Year 1929

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Year 1929

The Year 1929


American Morale


The Proceeding Dust Bowl (AKA the dirty thirties)

Heeding to the Great Migration

The stocks took a dive when someone on the trading floor got a little antsy and sold their massive stock shares, which made the other people get ridgid causing them to sell their stocks as well. What caused the market to be so risky was that it was at an all time high causing the risk of it falling (instantly) to increase. Since everyone was selling their stocks the dow jones industrial began to fall and as everyone wanted to pull out of the market before their stock was worth nothing the market fell like a rock.

From the crash of the dow jones and basicly since everyone that had money in stock market lost it the increase demand for war bonds that were bought from the government in the war became great causing riots and disturbed peace to form in Washington. Also the war bonds that were paied made the government get tied short on money, so they did what any government would do, and made more. This caused the dollar to decline making the depression even worse!

Following the decline in the stock market there was an untimely drought in the canter of America's farm land. This made the soil erode away, the food prices skyrocket, and the people attending that land were forced out and migrate, these people were called oakies, even though they didn't come from Oklahoma.



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