Yeala G., Brain Health Project: Physical Activity

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Yeala G., Brain Health Project: Physical Activity

Physical Actvitiyand the Brain- Daily physical activity help improve a student's academic performance; such as concentration and attentiveness in the classroom-Physical activity also may help improve academic achievement and grades-Physcial activity is said to boost the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.

Brain Health

References-Kareen Dineen Wagner, MD, Ph.D.-Heidi Godman, Exec. Editor, Harvard Health Letter-The CDC ( APA ( Marie Tinsley, Ph.D., NCC, LPC-Paula Bude Buingham (

AnalysisNotes:My scores on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Memory Game tests were lower than the score on my first Memory Game test-Order of scores from least to greatest: test 3, test 2, test 4, test 1, test 5-I was slightly stressed during the time period of the second and third test-Fact Recall scores constantly improved-With the memory test we did on the computers it was more difficult because I couldn't click the squares as quickly and I only remeber the image and location of the squares for 2.5 seconds so I have to click quickly. -My very last Memory test score was the best-It is strange that my scores lowered after I began doing the physcial activity.

Problem Can I improve my brain health/cognitive functionn of I get 30 minutes of exercise every day for two weeks?HypothesisIf I undertake in 30 minutes of physical activity every day then my cognitive function will improve/be quicker.ExpierementMaterials-Treadmill-Exercise Equipment-Wii-Workout VideosProcedure1. 3+ minutes warm-up2. 15+ minutes main workout3. 2+ minutes Cool down/Stretch4. Record Exercise5. Repeat dailyObservations To keep track of my data daily, I will record the exercises I did.

Physical Activity Help Prevent Depression in the Adolescent Brain-Physcially fit sixth graders -especially girls- are less likely to show symptoms of depression-A study from 2007 showed that lder adolescent girls who had more symptoms of depression than others, had the lowest amounts of exercise-Physical activity has been found to improve mental health conditions such as anxiety

Conclusion The hypothesis for my case study was/is can I improve my brain health if I get 30 minutes of physical activity every day for 13 days. My Hypothesis was supported by my expierement. I know this because although my score may have dropped with the Memory Game for the second and third test, I may not have gone up in my level, but I did get more points. By my final test, I didn't have level 14 but my score was much higher than my first test. Also, my fact recall score constantly improved. Overall, with 30 minutes of physical activity daily I can improve my brain health. However, some errors did occur during my expierement. I did not conduct any exercise the first and last day of the process. During the time period of the second and third test I felt slightly emotionally and mentally unbalanced. I was very stressed. Things I could do different next time to improve my expierement are keep a calm and focused mind, exercise every single day, and make sure I get exactly thirty minutes every day because there was a single day where I only got half the amount of exercise I needed. A topic I would like to explore in the future is stress management because as I had mentioned earlier, I had many things on my mid and I had a hard time completing tests as well as I could,


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