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Should the Youth Justice SystemBe harder on Youth Crime?

I agree that the Youth Justice System should be harder on youth crime. I believe this because the main objectives of the Youth Justice System aren't working effectively.

Youth Recidivism

When Youth Repetitavely break the law, this renders the second goal of the YCJA in-effective. The Rehabilitation of youth is one of the main processes of the YCJA. If this process isn't working, then the rest of the process will not work.

The graph on the left shows that the youth crime rate was already going down before the YCJA was made law.



Offenders that are re-integrated into the society often re-offend, such as a heavy drug users. When an addict is forced to stop using the substance they're addicted to, when they are in a society where they can easily get it again, that is what they will do. These people often are caught again, and sent back to prison. When this happens, the third objective of the YCJA fails, as they are not properly re-integrated into proper working members of society.

YCJA made law

Young Offenders Act

Prevention of crime is the first objective in the YCJA.Its a bad sign when the knowledge of the consqeuencesisn't preventing the young offender from commiting the crime. For example, in this article. The young boy commiting these acts should be recieving sentences, and severe consequences for what he's doing, yet due to the current justice system, he isn't being punished. What needs to be done is a change in the Youth Justice System's policy.

Most children by the age of seven have already developed a sense of what's right, and whats wrong. Unless they have a mental disability, they should know whether or not it's the right thing to kill someone. For example, in this article, a child at the age of 10 commited a murder. Yet this child cannot be charged because he's under the age of 12. These incredibly young offenders are basically avoiding the law by using their age. This causes an unfair and non equitable justice system.

Young Offender's underThe Age of Twelve


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