Yasuni Parque Nacional

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Yasuni Parque Nacional


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El parque Nacional Yasuni se encuentra en Ecuador.

Hay un montón de gente viene a visitar este parque Nacional para ver el paisaje y los animales

Yasuní es un lugar increíble, pero ha tenido cosas muy horribles suceden a la misma.La gente ha estado tratando de tomar el aceite de distancia que atesoran. Parque Nacional Yasuní es un bosque, se encuentra a lo largo del Amazonas.

Yasuni is a very beautiful place to stay and visit. There is a lot of animals that people can go see as well, Yasuni is having problems with their oil production a lot of people are trying to dig up the oil in places that they shouldn’t. Yasuni is located next to Peru but it is located in Ecuador. The people there are not in poverty one bit, they speak a lot of different languages as well.


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