[2015] Louis Alexis (2015): Yangtze-river

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[2015] Louis Alexis (2015): Yangtze-river

Yangtze River



Asian map

giant pandaThe biggest threat of fauna species in the Yangtze River is the giant panda because people are chopping down the trees for more space and forest destruction means no more bamboo.endangered fauna Some that live in the Yangtze River are the Chinese alligator which is 2.1 meters long and 45 kilograms , when the Chinese paddlefish is 7-8 years old it grows up to the length of 2 meters and is usually 25 kilograms , finless porpoise and the Chinese river dolphin.

World Map

one of the major differences between Murry River and yangtze River is that yangtze has 700 tributaries and Murry river has 33.

floraon and in the yangtze river there is heaps of fauna around the place. most of the fauna is quite healthy and green.endangered floraThis is also a threat to flora as the floods take away the soil to grow good crops and natural vegetation, and the bamboo trees are being chopped down for space which is also a big threat.

problems faced by yangtze river The biggest concern is the pollution of the reservoir. Over the last 50 years there has been a 73% increase in pollution. The annual discharge sewage waste in the River has reached about 25 billion tons.

major differences

human uses he

Fast Facts

human usesthere are lots of human uses yangtze River.some human uses in the yangtze river are tourism, sight seeing and shipping and lots more beside and it the river.tourismTourism is the most popular human use of Yangtze River. Even though tourism is big on the yangtze river it could destroy parts of it in many ways.sight seeing There are many places to go in the Yangtze River but one of the best places to go with great scenery also in the top 10 in china is the three gorges. shippingAnother human use is shipping boats which are shipping big freights that also come in many different shapes and sizes.

the yangtze River is the 3rd longest River in the world which is 6,388km in length. the Yangtze River has 700 tributaries.the source is at Mt.geladandong in the tanggula mountains, and the mouth is at the East china sea by shanghai.



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