yahairas poems

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yahairas poems

Yahaira's poems

The catThere was a cat named mattHe did not like his friend batBat is scaryBat is also hairyThen the cat bought a hat

Hope and TelescopeI have hopeAnd a telescope

My GuitarI like the soundOf my guitarI strum guitleyListening to the sound

Snow BowI like snow I like my bowI have a show I need to go

The lakeI hear the rocksThey fall in the lake A fish is swimmingAnd I am fishing

The hungry catI saw a catOn a mattHe had a hatAnd ate a bat

Swim GymI like to swimAnd I went to the gym

ShapeShapes,shapes,shapesAll around youTry to find The shapes That you will seek

Outside inside Outside windy sunnyChildren play Birds sing sun comes Sunny cold quite loud Still Talking eating Comfterbale noisy Inside

The moonThe moon shines with the stars.Soon it will go.It goes over the sun on an eclipse day


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