Y is for Yo-Yo

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Y is for Yo-Yo

Y is for Yo-YoBy Javonte Wilson February 2013

why I chose my topic. about yo-yo because it is a toy to play with and have fun with it.I want to learn more.

Pedro Flores was born in Vintar Llocos Norte, Philippines and came to the United States in 1915 July 14, 1979. While working as bell boy Flores read an article about a self-made millionaire who made his money by selling a ball attached to rubber band.

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It was in 1928. The worlds largest hailstone fall in Potter, Nebraska. Italy and Ethiopia sign the Italo Ethioipian treaty.

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The earliest surviving Yo-Yo dates back to 500 B.C.E. and was made using terra cotta skin disks/sides. Greek records from the period describe toys made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta (fired clay). Children use it as a toy. They get the yo-yo and play with it.



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