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BKW Bulldogs Soccer

Stat SheetGoals we scored: 20Goals we let them have to be nice: 8Clean Sheets: 7Saves: 78Total Assists: 1550/50 balls won: 49550/50 balls lost: 338Times coach was happy at half-time: 4Corners: 35Times we scored on a set piece: 3Times we were scored on a set piece: 0!

Our Schedule!9/15 Duanesburg @BKW (W 3-2)9/21 Schoharie @ BKW (W 2-0)9/22 Mayfield @ BKW(L0-1)9/25 Canjo @ BKW(W4-3 OT)9/28 BKW @ Duanesburg(W3-0)10/2 Schoharie @ BKW(W 2-0) 10/5 Middleburg @ BKW(W 1-0)10/6 BKW @ Schoharie(L0-0)10/8 BKW @ Middleburgh(L0-2)10/13 BKW @ Canjo(W2-0)10/16 BKW @ Mayfield (W 3-0!)

Carlie Bassler

Kristen Bassler

Annie Choiniere

Keely Duffney

Courtney Houck

Julia Turner

Sarah Abbott

Alena Chamberlain

Laura Devine

Michaela Fisher

Faith Gaddis

Kaliah Hurst

Alex Luciano

Makayla McCormick

Morgan Viscio

Delaney Martin

Erin Salo

Thanks Sarah (and family!)

Ladies,Thank you all for a tremendous season. I am extremly impressed with all of your efforts and ability to deal with my awkwardness. I have never coached a team with more heart. You have come farther then I ever would have imagined. I am proud of each of you and thank you for making me look good :)

From Coach

Anna Crounse

Guess who?



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