X-Ray Glasses

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X-Ray Glasses

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff technology is a helpful way of inventing. It's by using other peoples inventions and either making them differnt or combinig tw0 inventions to make your own.

Ask, Imagine and BuildDescribe your idea for the new Spinoff.Our New spinoff invention is a mix between The scratch resistent UZ Sunglasses and the portable X-Ray Device. We turned those into X-Ray Sunglasses.

It works by heat sensors in the glasses Which sends information by a small wire to a computer chip which transfers into the lense which the wearer can see through allowing him/her to see through an X-Ray.

Sports EquipmentUses Shock obsorbant foam to protect the wearer from injurys.Will reduce injurys that could be life threatining.

Scratch Resistent UZ Sunglasses Prevent ultra violet rays from entering the the wearers pupil. It was first used to protect welders eyes from sparks.

Portable X-Ray DeviceSenses dirt on carpets so people can then vaccum that spot and clean their floor. It also reads hidden barcodes and analizes chemicals for scientists.

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X-Ray Glasses


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