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X april X

INTERESTING FACTS>most laptops are exactly like a computers.>ipad's do the same thing as laptop's and more>laptops have many different program's eg:skype, facebook,voice recording,msn, google and many more thing's

WEBSITE REFERENCES!!!!!!!wikkipediagoogleglogstarBOOKS:maqarie dictionary

Laptop's (computers) are used for many things such as school studdies, personal use, bussines and many more things.Steve Jobs was the first man in the world to invent the laptop, and he will be remembered for his coragious work, from his first invention the ''laptop (1970)'' to the 'i phone 4 s (2011)'..


TECHNOLOGYTechnology has advanced alot since the first computer made to the toch screen i pad. it is amazing how much technology has advanced...



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