WW1 Weaponry

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World War I

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WW1 Weaponry

WW1 Weaponry

The bayonet was used for close combat fighting, usually mounted on the ends of guns.

The flamethrower was designed to spread fire by firing burning fuel. This is the french burning down a village

Tanks brought some mobility to the western front and ended horrors of trench warfare

Airplanes were used for reconnaissance missions, but developed into a new type of combat.

Grenades are detonated by two ways, timer or by impact (percussion).

Chlorine gas is extremely effected during war and was introduced to the battle of Somme.

Trench mortars was a long range weapon and exploded upon impact. Longest shot was 36 miles.

Machine guns could shoot 400-600 rounds a minute and can take out a whole battaleon.

This was the German Mauser, the standard weapon for the german army. Rifles were the number one infantry weapon.


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