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WWW - Weebly

Check out this gallery of sites to see how Weebly is already transforming CPP!


Can you add an attachment to an email? Drag a file into your recycle bin? Then you can build your own Weebly website!

Use this video to get started with Weebly..

Weebly is a website creation tool that takes the "building" out of website building.The program provides a toolbar of "elements" or options of content to include on your page - text, images, video, files and more.Just click on the element you want to include and drag it to where you want it in the page. Once it's there, click in it and add your content - type text, upload a picture or file, link to a video... It's that simple!

Weebly can be used at the building level to provide a collaborative storage space for shared resources, information and annoucements and goals. Visit the Winfield Street Elementary Staff Handbook site.

Build sites for special projects on a district level, to provide imformation, communicate with teachers, staff, families or the community at large, and showcase important work and resources. Visit the CPP Technology website or the Instructional Tech ideas and support site for teachers.

Use within a department to clarify expectations, department objectives, grading policies and more Visit the CPP Middle School Technology department Weebly.

Individual teachers can use Weebly to create webpages for classes. Provide homework updates, store notes, assignments and materials. and provide links to current projects and resources. Visit a CPP Humanities and Language A website.


Drag and drop onto your page!

Use weebly.com to create a site, or investigate Weebly for Education at education.weebly.com to explore special options for educators, including free student accounts to allow your students to generate pages of their own!



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