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Combine the best features of a flashcard program, quiz generator and learning game with Quizlet!

Quizlet is free for all teachers and students (advanced features are available for subscription, and there are features in place to protect students under 13).Quizlet allows teachers to provide students a way to practice content area skills and learning, self-asses, and work at school or at home to reinforce learning."Sets" on Quizlet are shareable via email, direct URL links, or can be placed on a website or in Edmodo, so they can be easily accessed and shared with parents.There are many classroom uses for Quizlet as well - the "Scatter" feature is a great way to utilize the SmartBoard in your classroom!

Speller provides a simple way to practice spelling - the question/term is read aloud, but not shown. Students type their response and are provided with feedback.

In Learn mode, students are able to practice knowledge and skills - they are shown/read the question and are able to type the answer - or vice versa

Flashcards allows you to create an electronic of the traditional study guide. There is also an option to allow the question to be read aloud electronically, and for students to star questions they get right so they can concentrate on areas of difficulty.

Space Race allows students to "race" against themselves - the question/term scrolls across the screen, and they have the time it takes to get across the screen to type the answer.

Once you create a set, there are six different modes students can use to learn, study and self-assess on the content you provide

Scatter allows users to group the question and answer - just drag matching parts on top of the other. This is great for SmartBoards! Group terms and definitions, math problems and their answers, events and dates, elements and their atomic weight, use images as in this example for pre-readers - anything! This is an easy and excellent tool for formative assessment.

Test allows you to create tests with written answers, matching, multiple choice and t/f questions. Special characters for foreign language, math and science are made available for students to use to answer questions. ALSO - you can print these out and distribute them as hard copies if desired - make your test and review materials in one step!

Visit Quizlet - http: www.quizlet.com- Click "Sign Up" and create an account- Select "Create a set" to make a question set- Choose a language! Spanish/French are available, as is a special "language" for math symbols and chemistry symbols- To add picture choices for pre-readers, select the "Add images" button (there is a bank of images to select from - to add your own images you must upgrade to a pro account)- You can share a set quickly and easily via a link or email, or you can create a class, and automatically share it with members of that class- Remember - Quizlet is also great to use for whole class activities, as a learning station, and for individual work within the classroom!

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