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WWW- Edmodo

CPP has our own sub-domain - our own corner of Edmodo just for us. This adds additional security and extra features - like the ability to send school and district messages to all CPP users.Access the CPP sub-domain and create an account athttp://corning.edmodo.com


Why Should I Use It: Communicate with students, parents and colleagues, stores assignments, conduct discussions, administer quizzes...


Name: 111 CPP Teachers - and counting!

Like any new program, the hardest part of using Edmodo is finding the time to get started! But there are a lot of resources available:- CPP-created tutorials and guides are available on the Edmodo page of the CPP Instructional Technology Website- Edmodo has a great start-up guide located here


- Store assignments, links and resources for students to access in and out of class- Enable students to access, complete and submit assignments and quizzes- Grade and return assignments and quizzes within Edmodo- Conduct a class discussion online- Give students a place to work collaboratively - in or outside class time- Gain a workspace to communicate and share materials with colleagues - in teams, departments, committees...


What is It: An online classroom

Edmodo is already utilized in CPP!Currently, CPP has: - 111 registered teachers - 939 student members - 374 groups or classes - over 1200 assignments given this school year!

Edmodo can be used as one central program to accomplish a lot of goals - file storage, resource access, student and parent communication, collaboration and more.Anything you want to do, you create from one central spot. If you can add an attachment to an email, you can work Edmodo!

Welcome Aboard - Your Friends are Already Here!

Watch this video for a sense of what Edmodo can do for you

One Central Spot



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