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WWW - EdCanvas

Use EdCanvas to store materials for a lesson or unit. Pull up the EdCanvas on a smartboard, and have access to all materials for the lesson!Embed an EdCanvas on your class webpage, or share the link with students, and even students who are absent have access to all class materials.Students can collaborate in creating an EdCanvas, storing materials for a common project while simultaneously creating a presentation for that project.Students can create an EdCanvas as a presentation for any content area- they just need to create and link to resources on an historical figure, a scientific process, parts of a math problem, as a book report project. See the EdCanvas Gallery for ideas!

Share your EdCanvas! Decide who you want to see it, and provide a link! Also, you can embed an EdCanvas in webpage or wiki.

A presentation tool that incorporates text, images, video, webpages and more!


You can look for an add resources right from your EdCanvas creation page. Search for resources through Google, upload from Dropbox , Flickr or Google Drive, add YouTube videos, link to webpages and more. Just click the appropriate icon, isolate your resources, and drag into the EdCanvas!

Choose from several different templates to arrange your resources to meet your project needs.

Make EdCanvas interactive! Create classess, and students can create accounts with a class code,. Then they can see and comment on each others' EdCanvases.

Watch this video for help creating classes!



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