WWII: Unbroken

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Social Studies
World War II

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WWII: Unbroken

Written ComponentFor one of your three individual multi-genre pieces, you will each write an argumenative essay regarding the controversial dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.

Multi-Genre ExhibitYou have been commissioned by the Allen County Public Library to create a multi-genre museum exhibit showcasing survivial, resilience, and redemption from the WWII Era.

We will be reading the WWII era novel, UNBROKEN by Laura HillenBrand to gain insight into the themes of survival, resilence, and redemption.

WWII: Unbroken

---> Exhibit Details

Era of Resiliance, Redemption & Survivial

-Your exhibit will have 9 pieces total. - Each individual group member will create 3 original pieces. One piece from each era of WWII (before, during, after) - You will create the rubric for your pieces from both the Knowledge and Thinking rubric and the Written Communication Rubric. - Only the most professional, well-rounded, and thoroughly research exhibits will be displayed at the Library. Review exhibit logistics here for content and artifiact connections.

---> Novel Details

- Each student will recieve a copy. - You will log characters, notes, etc. in a reader's journal. - As you read, you will research and explore the history context of WWII. - At interval benchmarks you will check your understanding of both history content and reading comprehension.


---> Essay Details

-This essay will serve as your SPRING College Ready Assessment (CRA) - You will conduct extensive research on the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - This essay will serve as your AFTER THE WAR exhibit piece. - You will adopt a perspective to argue and will support your position with specific evidence.


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